Infinite AI Audio is a German start-up that is revolutionizing the AIoT market. infinimesh is the first cloud-native, scalable open-source AIoT platform in Germany and organizes the control, management and evaluation of IoT devices and sensors. 

The innovative Audio Recognition Framework builds on noise detection with artificial intelligence. Via Audition + Midi Streaming sensor measurements are converted into midi controller data and subjected to logical operations in a rule engine before being transmitted via the platform to connected midi instruments such as synthesizers, effects and mixers. Realize the integration of AI music plugins and LSTM-ML algorithms into musical projects, as well as networking.

The Team
Our Capital

Bruno Kramm

CTO and Founder

co-founded one of the first private internet provider in Germanies 90ies, 30+ years experience, internet & commons activist politician. Spokesperson for the AI Union in East Germany

Jochen Hanselmann


Production engineer with over 25 years of experience in automotive industry, digitalization and process excellence. CEO of Hanselmann & Compagnie, a tech Management Consulting company