Freedom for stadiums, sports halls and swimming pools

Secure access with SmartCountr access control

How can you safely measure visitor flows in times of a pandemic? We have developed the innovative access control SmartCountr, which is already being used successfully by many customers in Germany. Perfectly suited to obtaining reliable data at entrances and exits as well as in the interior areas of highly frequented buildings.

In addition to two outdoor pools, sports halls such as the Eisdome in Halle also use 3D scanner technology to safely support operations with all the necessary infection protection and hygiene concepts.

SmartCountr guarantees security, privacy and precision indoors and outdoors – 100% GDPR compliant. A visual signal system can be used via mobile phone or computer as a traffic light or signage monitor for the entrance area – via GSM, WLAN and other connections. In this way, the operators have a constant focus on all areas: foyer, sports hall, grandstands, event area, rental, gastronomy, sanitary facilities. An infinite number of functions can be used through simple integration into the customer’s website.

It’s not just about recording visitor flows at entrances and exits and indoors in real time: complex smart city solutions are possible thanks to the versatile plug-and-play combinations with other sensors. For example, the Eisdome is equipped with networked sensors, so-called beacons. This allows movements to be detected and a wide range of services to be offered: Are the arena entrances open, closed or overcrowded? What is the traffic situation like and is there parking available? When are the local transport departure times, how long are the waiting times at the kiosks? The possibilities are limitless. With an app developed as a result, it is possible to significantly increase the commitment of the guests and the gaming experience. Intensive communication with fans can take on a whole new dimension by using SmartCountr with an app. From fan loyalty to sponsorship and merchandising.

“We place the highest value on privacy and security. That’s why our solutions are 100 percent GDPR-compliant and based on the Zero Trust concept,” says Infinite Devices CEO Bruno Kramm. “Our open source AIoT platform infinimesh and the smart facility management system SmartCountr offer endless potential for many possible applications in all industries so that you have absolute control over your data!”