SmartCountr: the key to building a digital infrastructure of a smart city.

SmartCountr enables digital control and measurement of visitor flows and capacities in shopping malls, sports arenas, museums, libraries, trade fair and event rooms of all types and sizes. The scalable access management is also an important security tool for leisure pools, markets and folk festivals. The Magdeburg start-up Infinite Devices is currently developing access management in the Eisdome: Because of the versatile plug-and-play combinations with other sensors that can be used, the system is the basis for modern smart city solutions.

Parking sensors in action

The Eisdome is equipped with sensors, so-called beacons, which are networked. This allows movements of the guests to be detected. All visitors who want to use the diverse range of services. can be informed with push messages. Are there open, closed or crowded arena entrances? Information about waiting times at the kiosks and snack bars. Parking space sensors that enable an “intelligent search for a parking space” can be networked. The companies Park & Control ( and Safe Place ( are already working with the Parking Pilot. Available parking spaces, Push notifications about the traffic situation, local transport departure times, traffic jams and alternative routes are displayed. But it goes even further: Hotel and restaurant recommendations, discount systems for loyal customers can also be connected – the possibilities are limitless. SmartCountr guarantees security, privacy and precision indoors and outdoors – 100% GDPR compliant.

Dashboard and calendar system

The dashboard shows all movement flows in the monitored rooms and visualizes exits and capacities. A sophisticated calendar system enables the precise recording of various events, including parallel ones, and offers a sophisticated role and management system.

The time series function provides forgery-proof evidence of the number of people, accurate to the second, and can be automatically transmitted to the responsible authorities and organizers. The solution is based on data economy for long-term and data protection-compliant documentation.

Ticket purchase and responders

The combination with other technologies from ticket purchase to extended services can be easily implemented in the future using the API of the AIoT platform. This also guarantees expandability as a responder system for emergencies or evacuations

With an app developed as a result, it is possible to improve the possibilities of marketing communication. Customer loyalty, sponsoring, merchandising: new ways via SmartCountr. The booking situation and utilization can be shown via the connection to portals. The entire backend can be organized from the ticket counter to the cash register, merchandising and sales. This makes SmartCountr the key to building a digital infrastructure of a smart city.