Sparkassen-Eisdom: Full operation in the ice rink with SmartCountr

Powerplay in the Sparkassen-Eisdom in Halle: With the digital solution from Infinite Devices the Sparkassen-Eisdom is open again for public skating according to the 2-G rule.

The Magdeburg start-up organizes access management in the Eisdome with SmartCountr, a modern barrier system for controlling and logging visitor flows. The digitization project is an example of how innovative, digital solutions in sports could also help to get back to normal more quickly.

Infinite Devices deals with technology-based innovations in urban areas. Sven Hegewald, service technician at the Magdeburger Company, installed the measuring devices in the Eisdome. How does the technology work? “A sensor field can use artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish precisely who is entering or leaving the area to be monitored, without infringing on the personal rights of the person concerned. If someone ignores the red traffic light, a signal is triggered. 100% GDPR compliant!” The SoloCountr and TwinCountr is an entry and exit control system with a 3D time-of-flight sensor in a splash-proof housing. The scanners work with AI and optimized ML (machine learning) algorithms to be able to distinguish between people and objects from the 3D matrix image. With the Smart and AquaDistancr it is even possible to monitor an area of up to 40,000 square meters. The camera-based area scanners also work with artificial intelligence (AI) via an encrypted token system. Do the systems need regular maintenance? “No, because the robustly built, water and cold-resistant devices are virtually maintenance-free. The only thing you should do from time to time is to clean the sensors from possible contamination. So just take a damp cloth every now and then, wipe the scanner – done! The SmartCountr is only connected once and runs with minimal power consumption.”

The targeted control of visitor flows and the reliable measurement of visitor capacities requires a hybrid solution that relies on smart software and intelligent sensors on the one hand: The central innovation in the project is the open source AIoT platform infinimesh: The powerful and open Platform enables the intelligent support of processes in the AIoT environment. The system provides the technical and commercial basis for the simple use of apps in event management for the Sparkassen-Eisdom. The aim of the platform concept is to make the transfer of data easy to use and to accelerate. This also includes the provision of real-time data regarding the 3-G Corona requirements for exit and entry controls. The 1,800 square meter ice rink is open daily until the end of March: Ladies Night starts today, Thursday, September 30, 2021, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Women only pay 3.50 euros entry. On Sunday, October 3rd at 6:15 p.m., the Saale Bulls ice hockey team will play against the Tilburg Trappers in the Eisdome. The new wave comes from Halle: As an IoT pioneer in Germany, the city of Saale has connected two swimming pools and the Eisdome digitally with 3D sensor technology and artificial intelligence and now enables safe leisure time fun.