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IoT projects and solutions are vast in dimension and connectivity, the outcome thru data sharing, combining with AI and other key technologies is far beyond imagination of most of todays IoT customers. In means of connectivity the devices, edges and sensors are as manifold as the possibilities where the data is processed, evaluated and exploited.
Thank you for your interest in the infinimesh IoT platform. We are a open IoT platform, using Open Source protocols and Open Standards to make IoT so easy and maintainable as possible. infinimesh IoT uses Kubernetes as operational framework, that enables a huge network of partners. You can find more on the official Kubernetes Partner directory.
Are you ready to become a Partner in our Open Community? Don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Customer Ecosystem

The infinimesh end to end ecosphere provides a network of trained, certified and highly efficient partners, who are able to translate your diverse processes into a future-proof individualized platform, preparing you for tomorrows competition and opening the opportunities into true digitization of things and matter. Our certified partners offer from sensor arrays to individual coding, visualization and data sharing all assets of successful end to end IoT. When deciding to work with infinimesh, you can rely on our infinite network, focusing your digital transition successfully and co-creating with you tailor-made IoT solutions.

Whatever branch you are coming from, our infinite ecosphere provides you individual solution from infinite healthcare, infinite transportation, infinite industries to infinite open communities.

Our valued partner and communities

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