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infinimesh is the state-of-the-art backbone for your entire IoT fleet

Public Dashboard

You have asked and we have built - a Grafana dashboard connected to infinimesh IoT and one of our test devices. Please use the same credentials as for the demo system (username: / password:

Thank you for your interest in the infinimesh IoT platform. The public available system is open to everyone, please have that in mind. You can attach IoT systems, play around with the API, and test everything. Since that is a shared account for demonstration only, everyone can create, modify and delete devices and device shadows. So we highly advise to use the system only as an first playground to test your ideas.

Before you start we also encourage you to read the Quick Start Guide. Please follow our Git Repo for development ready code and additional documentation. More userfriendly documentation will follow ASAP, as well as more features.
You can immediately start to play directly with our Swagger Playground. If you want your own namespace please get in touch over our sales channels.

Public available playground

Login: Chat with our Sales Team
MQTT (TLS 1.2):
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