IoT under your control

Compliant. Secure. Unlimited.

What is infinimesh?

infinimesh IoT is designed to work independently in your own datacenter under your full control - you only need Kubernetes. This means that you maintain full control over your data, security, privacy, and communication. infinimesh fully conforms to data safety and privacy regulations under European GDPR (DSGVO) and readily connects to every industry-leading solution.

infinimesh also operates under drastically reduced costs compared to cloud-service providers and in-house solutions. Being cloud-native and Kubernetes-based, infinimesh's technology is secure, easy to use, and scalable up to millions of devices, thereby reducing cost uncertainties.

infinimesh is simple to install, to update, to migrate and expand with various other progressive Open Source technologies, stretching from analytics and data visualization to artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning or blockchain technologies. We have started infinimesh 100% Open Source, without patents or closed software. Any software components we have developed, will be open - forever. The transparency and "hands-on" nature of Open Source offers much flexibility and makes infinimesh highly sustainable.

This makes infinimesh the "WordPress of IoT."

With infinimesh you only need 3 Steps to action


your "Things"

Simple: MQTT and TLS , connect over every network every system


your fleet

Powerful: Timeseries and Dashboards integrated, Status report included


your data

Easy: Use the API and integrate into all of your systems, apps or devices

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